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Did You Know?

Less than 50% of women who have been imprisoned find work with in the first year of being released. For those who find employment the median income is met to be minimum wage salary.

Did You Know?

IRS has gotten involved to assist with employment for the previously incarcerated. Subsidies have been created for employers that hire formerly incarcerated individuals.  However, with the subsidy most companies turn away employees that have been incarcerated.

Did You Know?

Research suggests the mark of a criminal record imposes impediments to employment, exacerbating economic disparities and contributing to recidivism.

Perfect Inc.

Perfect, Inc is a nonprofit organization that provides job training, job placement and lifestyle coaching for women who’ve been incarcerated.  We focus on job training and placement in 3 industries: Customer Service, Hospitality and Administrative Support.  Our program consist of 3 phases, however, once phases are complete we allow all program participants continual access to program resources as needed.  Our goal is to walk hand in hand with each woman as they write the ending to their own story.

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