How We Work

Each participant is assigned a team of advocates who will work to ensure each client receives program-projected outcomes.  In addition, our program curriculum provides interactive job training in the customer service, hospitality, and administrative support fields and industries. Once  our women are prepared with all of the necessary resources to succeed, we place them in meaningful and rewarding employment, while still providing lifestyle coaching.  All program participants are given continual access to program resources as needed to continue their journey. We work with both currently and formerly incarcerated women.

Currently Incarcerated

Exit Strategy Developing

Four months prior to release, we meet weekly with females in the prison system throughout the Greater Washington, DC area.

During  weekly meetings, Perfect, Inc. works with each program participant to develop a post incarceration plan to include emotional and mental readiness.

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Formerly Incarcerated

phase 2

Phase 1 - Hard and Soft Skill Development

Application approval is required for this phase.

We provide adjustment support group, training in soft and hard skills for our industry specific positions.

Lifestyle coaching course is also begins and last through all remaining phases


Phase 2 - Internship

Perfect Inc. also desires to give to other nonprofit organizations. Each woman in our program is selected to intern at local nonprofit organizations, where they will receive a stipend and the opportunity to use their training for application.

Job placement

Phase 3 - Job Placement

Our organization differs from most, as we do not just teach skills needed to ace an interview or write a great resume, but we place them in a position!  We work with various organizations that guarantees a position for our women upon completion of previous phases. Perfect, Inc. also keeps in constant and consistent contact with our finishers to remind them they are not alone and we are with them until they are confident enough to help someone else

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