Perfect, Inc. graduate, Remia McPherson, shares her experiences reentering the workforce following incarceration and how our program enabled her to achieve both professional and personal success. 

Accepting my certification of completion from Perfect, Inc.

 I am interviewing for a job in my field of study. According to the owner, my portfolio is the best of all the candidates applying for the position. He tells me that I am so talented, intelligent, and a perfect fit for the job. As well, he is thrilled about putting my skills to use for his company. I leave the interview so excited and grateful to be getting a job in a field I love.

Days go by and, I hear nothing from the business. I follow up, and I’m told I did not get the position. Surprised? So was I. I bet you are wondering what happened, why I did not get the position I was perfect for? The answer, because I am a felon.

I was convicted of a felony over 10 years ago. I served my time and have been on the right path since then. I went back to school have many degrees, certifications, and accolades but the only thing employers see is my felony conviction.  

I was on the verge of giving up on ever having a chance at a good life with a career, not just a job, and then I heard about Perfect, Inc. It was a breath of fresh air, in a time I felt suffocated. Perfect, Inc. is a program that helps prepare you for a career, provides you with a chance to show off your skills at a paid internship and get hired with a flourishing company, and guarantees you a job when the program is complete.  I was afraid it was going to be another door slammed in my face because of my felony conviction but I was welcomed eagerly for that very reason. 


Remia McPherson creating digital content
Using my skills to make digital content at my Perfect, Inc. Internship

Perfect, Inc. is a life-changing program. It is a non-profit organization that provides a chance for those who are burdened by their past to finally escape it. The work they do here is phenomenal.

They do it all here! Everything one can think of has been covered down to providing you with attire for our new jobs. Perfect, Inc. provides on-going support to assist you in your everyday life regardless of the need.   

It was a relief to finally be a part of something where people saw me and not my felony. It lifted my spirit, boosted my self-esteem, and made me proud to be me again flaws and all.  I owe Perfect Inc. so much this program saved my life.  

Currently, Perfect, Inc. can only assist a small group of women at a time. The majority of the funds for the program are from donations. We need you to use your influence and ability to make an impact. Support our effort to offer more opportunities to women formerly incarcerated. Monetary donations would help tremendously, but you can also donate your skills and time as I do now. There is nothing I would not do to ensure this program is a success. I could never repay them for what they have done for me. So, I give back to ensure that they are around to help others like me.

In an age when Black Lives Matter, Pride Month, and the fight for women’s rights are gaining momentum, do not forget about us felons. We are a struggling community in need too. We are discriminated against and poorly treated every day, so help our cause and stand with us