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Why I started Perfect, Inc.

Years ago, I heard a quote by Les Brown that the graveyard is the wealthiest place on earth. It's the wealthiest place on earth because it's filled with people who didn't carry out their full potential. It's filled with people who were supposed to write books and didn't. Or filled with people who could have discovered cures to sicknesses and didn't. And they didn't do these things because they were fearful or they didn't stick with processes until their idea came to fruition.

I started Perfect, Inc. because people who've been formerly incarcerated are filled with so much potential. They have books to write that can help others, business ideas that could advance our society. However, they fail to carry out their full potential not because they are afraid or they didn't endure a process, but because they don't have the opportunity. We were started to provide opportunities. We bridge the gap between employers and financiers and women formerly incarcerated. Perfect, Inc. provides what we can so that women formerly incarcerated can carry out their full potential.

- Alyson McNair
Founder & President

About the Founder

Photo of Alyson McNair, Founder of Perfect, Inc.

Alyson McNair, a loving wife and mother,  was born and raised in Brooklyn, New York.  She started her career at the age of 14 as a Staff Assistant for East New York Betterment, a nonprofit that assisted the elderly. It was there she learned the importance of nonprofits and their ability to help shape and ultimately change communities.

Upon graduating from Hofstra University with a B.A. in Political Science, Alyson relocated to the Washington, DC Metro area to work on Capitol Hill. Shortly thereafter, she was able to transfer her invaluable experience gained from her work on the Hill to the private industry with BAE Systems, a defense contracting company.

At BAE Systems, she worked with the company’s Political Action Committee, Government Affairs, Communications, and Human Resources departments. During her employment with BAE Systems, Alyson understood, even more, the hardships people encountered in their attempts to obtain employment after incarceration. It was with that knowledge she decided to start a nonprofit to address the issue head-on.  

Therefore, she began conceptualizing and planning for Perfect, Inc., a nonprofit organization that provides job training, job placement, and lifestyle coaching for women who have been incarcerated.

She implemented what she studied and learned from her mother’s nonprofit business of 30 years.

Alyson is passionate about Perfect Inc.’s efforts to create a world whereby women with a history of incarceration can receive the proper support needed to become contributing citizens to society.

When she’s not changing the world, Alyson enjoys shopping with her favorite cup of coffee in hand and cooking for her family.