Our Partners 

Without our employment partners and corporate partners, we couldn’t do the work we do. We are so grateful to the generosity of the following partners:

Partnership Types

 Corporate Partners 

Corporate sponsors support the organization by providing financial support for our entire program or a portion of the program. 

Benefits Include:

  • A blog spotlight, an interview for our #Why series
  • A spotlight on our webpage spotlight
  • Tax deduction

 Internship Partners 

Internship Partners provides our Perfectors the opportunity to apply skills acquired from the program to real-world learning environments. Our program internship components helps our program participants gain valuable experiences, from lifelong professional relationships and gain the confidence they need to succeed in the future.

 Employment Partners  

Employment partners are organizations that agree to employ our program participants after completion of our 12 week session.

Benefits include: 

  • A spotlight on our webpage and social media
  • An interview for our #Why series
  • Eligibility to receive $10k return on of salary with the Workers Opportunity Tax Credit.

Are you interested in becoming an employment or corporate partner?