Our Team 

The Perfect, Inc. Team is a group of extraordinarily dedicated, passionate people. What makes our team extraordinary is our ability to use ordinary talents and skills to assist others. Learn about our team's #why for connecting with Perfect, Inc.

Alyson McNair

Founder and President

I started Perfect, Inc. because I believe everyone deserves the right to opportunities to create the lifestyle they desire.  It is a grave injustice that someone who’s been incarcerated doesn’t have the same opportunities within a career or academically as someone who hasn’t been incarcerated.  Formerly incarcerated individuals deserve as their human right to have uninhabited opportunities to be businesses owners, obtain leadership opportunities in already establish companies and the right to funding for higher educations.  I am advocate for their dreams and visions to be and have all they were destined to have.

Lauren Hendricks

Board Member

Why do I love working with Perfect, Inc.? It is my goal to help empower women so they can in turn be change agents in their families and communities, thus empowering those around them. I enjoy being a part of an organization that helps women believe in their possibilities, potential and power. We are all Pefecting our stories. I am grateful that Perfect, Inc. gives me the opportunity to help women do just that. 

Jabari Garrett

Board Member

I decided to be a part of Perfect because I believe in life that everyone deserves another chance.  We have all made mistakes in life and truth be told if we got caught, we could have been incarcerated also.  I think Perfect Inc.  embodies this philosophy of second chances.  Perfect Inc. provides a great opportunity for women to get back on their feet after being released from prison and this is what we are all about!

Rachel Jollie

Operations Manager and Treasurer

I  fell in love with Perfect, Inc. mission to advocate for formerly incarcerated women.  Employment is often a crucial part of obtaining stability and empowering women to live the lives they want to live.  It’s exciting to work for an organization that provides the necessary support to women after incarceration where our criminal justice system has fallen short”.

Marsha Martin

Lifestyle Coach

Being that I am very familiar with the judicial system, and familiar meaning on the negative side of the system. I was in search for a program that could assist me in reintegrating back into society after being incarcerated. A program that could help me understand why, was it so hard for me to start over. Why, after serving the time given by the system, why was I being rejected for a chance to start over? Why did it seem people were afraid of me because I was a convicted felon? Why didn’t the employers believe I deserved a second chance?
After participating in several programs in my reintegration process. I realized that what I wanted did not exist so I was prompted to create I Am the Game Changer in which I teach individuals Lifestyle Changing Strategies that shows and teaches them to never to accept failure as a final option. Even though I had this program I knew something was missing. Through faith I was connected to Alyson and from the first meeting I knew not only was Perfect, Inc the missing link for my program, but the missing link to my SUCCESSFUL reintegration process back into society.
Perfect, Inc not only was the program I desired when I first came home from being incarcerated, but it was the program that assisted in giving me my voice back when I thought it was lost in the darkness of the stigma of being a convicted felon. As a result of my encounter directly and indirectly with Alyson (Perfect, Inc) it is one of my life’s goals to ensure every woman I come across eradicates recidivism in their lives and to let them know regardless of a person’s perspective of “US” they don’t have final say. We will keep knocking and asking until We get the YES WE DESIRE.

Hannah Kaufman

Board Member

I chose to be a part of Perfect Inc.’s Board because I felt a responsibility to use my legal education, training, and experience, particularly with the criminal justice system, to serve my community. I wholeheartedly believe in the important of Perfect Inc.’s mission and am so excited to assist the team in continuing to empower women to grow new futures for themselves and their families.