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Empowering formerly incarcerated women to achieve success by providing job training, coaching, mentorship and job placement with fair pay and benefits.

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Our founder, Alyson McNair, welcomes you to the Perfect, Inc. team and our mission to help women succeed in life after incarceration.

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Employment + Reentry Quick Stats

Formerly incarcerated persons who maintained employment for one-year had a 16% recidivism rate over three years as compared to a 52% recidivism rate for those who did not maintain employment.

Statewide rates of recidivism range from about 31% to 71%, but the recidivism rates from formerly incarcerated people who found employment after their release is less than 9%.

Employing 100 previously incarcerated people will increase their income tax contributions by $1.9 million and boost sales tax revenues by $770, 000.

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